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The Rambutan Hotel & Resort in Siem Reap, located in a quiet paved lane just 5 minutes walk from Phsar Cha (the old market), right in the middle of the historical center of Siem Reap town and features lush tropical gardens and two oasis salt water pools, plus a restaurant, bar and spa. The accommodation focuses on comfort and privacy, with all Deluxe Terrace and Deluxe Rooftop Terrace rooms having their own private terrace with outdoor bathtub and splash shower and almost all Balcony Villa’s split on two levels offering plenty of relaxation space for living and sleeping. A stylish design coupled with a little local culture, ranging from the contemporary artwork to the locally-made furniture and silk textiles which are in abundance. Rambutan Hotel & Resort is a social and eco-responsible property that is hip, happening and gay friendly.


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(formerly Golden Banana Boutique Hotel)