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When you are tired from your day exploring the temples, the best way to overcome your fatigue, muscle pain and sore feet is to spoil yourself with a wonderful massage!

Our spa is located in the brand new Urban Residences wing next to Rambutan Resort. We have one single and one twin spa room. Both are specially designed by ASMA Architects and come with a private shower, relaxing music, and A/C.

We offer a wide variety of health treatments like Aroma, Traditional Khmer and Swedish massages, facial treatments, body scrubs and some Rambutan signature packages.

Our massage therapists are professionally trained and will guarantee you an unforgettable spa experience!


Here is a small sample of spa treatments from our Rambutan Spa.


Experience a new way, Khmer massage originated in Cambodia and makes use of passive stretching and gentle pressure along energy lines to relax the body and ease muscular tension. During a massage, the therapist will concentrate different parts of your body to really work those muscles – leaving you feeling wonderfully relaxed and blissful.

90 mins – 38 USD / 120 min – 48 USD


Stimulate your senses to boost your body and motivate the mind using essential oils from plants, flowers, seeds and leaves. With five essential oils to choose from, each oil is specifically formulated to combat individual complaints.

60 mins – 28 USD / 90 mins – 38 USD


The wonder fully calming experience is perfect for anyone suffering from along journey or a hard day’s activity at the temples.

Aromatherapy – 75 mins
Body brushing – 15 mins
Aromatic scrub – 30 mins
Vitamin rich facial – 60 mins

Hydrating and nourishing body treatment – Total 180 mins – 62 USD

The Rambutan Hotel & Resort in Siem Reap, located in a quiet paved lane just 5 minutes walk from Phsar Cha (the old market), right in the middle of the historical center of Siem Reap town and features lush tropical gardens and two oasis salt water pools, plus a restaurant, bar and spa. The accommodation focuses on comfort and privacy, with all Deluxe Terrace and Deluxe Rooftop Terrace rooms having their own private terrace with outdoor bathtub and splash shower and almost all Balcony Villa’s split on two levels offering plenty of relaxation space for living and sleeping. A stylish design coupled with a little local culture, ranging from the contemporary artwork to the locally-made furniture and silk textiles which are in abundance. Rambutan Hotel & Resort is a social and eco-responsible property that is hip, happening and gay friendly.


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