Cambodia is a country that has overcome many challenges. The people of Cambodia are extremely friendly and approach foreigners in a welcoming way. Despite that, you will sometimes encounter poverty and despair. Cambodia is one of the poorest countries in the world due to the wars of the past century and has been left with a totally devastated infrastructure.

In many ways you will find Cambodians trying to make the best of it, very resourceful in offering their services to you as a guest of their beautiful country.

We have several guests struggling to find a way to handle the difference between their own (relative) wealth, coming from more privileged societies, and the poverty around them in Cambodia. You can always give some local currency to beggars who often miss a leg or hand due to landmines, or some pencils to street kids. But you might look for some more lasting support for this proud and beautiful people. We can offer some suggestions to help you ease some of the poverty you see around you and give the people here something that will last long after you have returned to your country.

We suggest that you might do the following:

  • support a family with a new source of income, a pig plus food for the pig, for one year – around 60 USD
  • support a child at school for a year – 150 USD
  • support a family with a hand water pump – 200 USD
  • support a family with a safe and lasting home – 1000 USD

We use local support groups based in the community and monitored by international relief agencies, to make sure that your money is used as effective as possible. We guarantee that all proceeds will go directly to the persons and families in need. If you let us know in advance that you want to support a family or individual, we try to arrange it for you to see where your money will be spent.

If you are interested, ask us for more information about the projects and programs, we are happy to share that information with you.

Here is the Google map for your convenience. The cluster of buildings around a blue pool, in the center pf the map, is our Rambutan Resort. The hotel is shown also, but it is more difficult to distinguish.

Try switching to “Map” instead of “Satellite” and zoom out to see where we are in Siem Reap.

The Rambutan Hotel & Resort, Siem Reap, (formerly Golden Banana Hotel & Resort) comprises two properties, a mere 50 meters apart, in a quiet paved lane just 5 minutes walk from Phsar Cha (the old market), in the historical centre of Siem Reap town. Each property has its own lush tropical garden, swimming pool and restaurant, which are available to guests of both properties. The accommodation focuses on comfort and privacy, with all Deluxe Suites and Villas have their own balcony or terrace with outdoor bathtub and splash shower. All Standard Villas are on two levels giving plenty of relaxation area. Stylish design coupled with a little local culture ranging from the contemporary artwork to the palm-wood furniture and local silk textiles are in abundance, as you would expect from any hip and gay-friendly place. Rambutan Hotel and Resort are Eco conscious managed.


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